Edmonton’s trial run with e-scooters will end this winter

Photo via Lime

Here’s a fun little city update- after two years, the e-scooter pilot program in Edmonton is set to end this winter. The program, which includes operators Bird and Lime, had two summers to get acquainted with the city. But, the road wasn’t a super easy one.

Last year the scooters weren’t even available until mid-August, and faced some issues during their short time in the city. Mostly, problems related to users riding scooters on sidewalks, and parking them in ways that blocked sidewalks.

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This year was going to be the full kick at the can, but COVID-19 kind of barged in and messed with that as well. One unintended bonus? The e-scooters ended up being great options for commuters, and the average length of rides increased.

And with fall rolling in, we’re looking at the last few days and weeks of the e-scooter. Think that they should stick around? You can learn more and give feedback via the City of Edmonton website. Enjoy scooting around this fall, folks!