Edmonton weather this weekend just keeps getting better!

Photo via ShutterstockPhoto via The Weather Network

We do love it when weekends like the one coming up happen. You wait all week for great weather, and then boom, it comes just in time for you to enjoy it. Not a bad setup at all, so shout out to Mother Nature for making it happen.

The Edmonton forecast for this weekend gets progressively better each day. And, there’s no rain to worry about throughout the entire weekend. Things start ok for Friday, with a high of 19 degrees or so in the cards. Then, Saturday gets a little sunnier.

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And by Sunday, we’re looking at a full day of sun with a high of 25 degrees. What’s more, it could feel as hot as 29 degrees at points throughout the day. Make sure you remember sunscreen and water if you’ve got a day trip planned. Gotta stay sun safe!

And other than that, enjoy the weekend of gorgeous weather in Edmonton, folks!