Edmonton wants to build the world’s largest airport solar panel farm

Photo via Shutterstock

On Tuesday, Edmonton International Airport announced plans to build the largest solar farm at an airport in the world. Sprawling over 627 acres, the solar farm would generate roughly 120Mwh when complete. For reference, that is enough power for 27 to 28 thousand homes.

And if you were curious, that represents around 340,000 solar panels getting installed. If the project is approved, then construction will begin in early 2022 and should be completed before the year is up. Once finished, the project is estimated to bring in $169M in foreign investment.

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The airport is working with a European company called Alpin Sun to get the project done. And although it’s massive, it pales in comparison to some of the other solar farms that are currently being built in Alberta. One in particular is slated to have 2.5 million panels upon completion.

But we’re still super happy to see this project get announced! If you’d like to read the press release in full, you can do so right here.

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