Edmonton Transit to battle COVID-19 with a unique salt pilot project

Via Shutterstock

It might sound like a mistaken headline, but it isn’t. On Thursday, Edmonton Transit announced a partnership with a local company on a pilot project that uses salt to combat the spread of COVID-19. Confused? We were too. Here’s the scoop.

The Edmonton company Outbreaker Solutions has actually seen interest in their Compressed Sodium Chloride products for the past few years. Basically, they take regular old table salt and compress it in a way where it resembles ceramic. But, it still maintains all the virus-killing properties of the salt.

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Which, turns out, are some pretty deadly ones. The salt more or less tears apart the germ, messes with the water it uses, and can even alter the shape of the proteins inside. Osmosis Jones is absolutely no match for one of these bad boys. Yet, we humans get to avoid the hangups of more serious chemicals.

While the CSC has proven effective against a variety of viruses and germs (including those that closely resemble COVID-19), it should be noted that research specifically against COVID-19 is yet to be released. We have a sneaking suspicion that it will pass, but we should include this disclaimer before you go licking door handles or something crazy.

Next time you take public transit, see if you can’t spot one of these next anti-microbial pads! For more info on the technology too, check out the Outbreaker Solutions website.