Edmonton responds to Tkachuk billboard in great, unexpected way

Photo via Sportsnet

While the Battle of Alberta has yet to be won on the ice, we’re happy to claim that off the ice, Edmonton took home the victory. In response to Flames fans donating money for a Tkachuk billboard in Edmonton, Oilers fans took the high road.

By doing what, you ask? Donating to a Calgary charity in honour of Zach Kassian! What started as a tweet has snowballed into over $15k in donations for Brown Bagging 4 Calgary’s Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to feeding Calgary’s youth. Now that’s a good cause to crowdsource money for!

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Are you lost here? We can bring you up to speed. During the last game, Tkachuk made a couple of hits on Kassian that were at best opportunistic and at worst dangerous. Following the second hit, Kassian decided that enough was enough and made Tkachuk a knuckle sandwich. Tkachuk, most certainly, did not want to eat it.

The aftermath of this has essentially split the league down the middle. The ‘old guard’ claims that Kassian was merely policing the game himself, which is nothing new in hockey. Meanwhile, more ‘progressive’ fans are wondering what the big deal is here.

If you’re wondering what side we’re on, try and spot us in our new shirts. See you on January 29th!

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