Edmonton is in for a touch of rain this weekend

Photo via ShutterstockPhoto via The Weather Network

If you’re trying to get out and about this weekend, you might have to time it between bouts of rain. Or, you could just wear a raincoat, that works too. Anyway, Edmonton is in for rain throughout the weekend, but there’s no major thunderstorms or anything in the forecast.

So, we think you’ll have ample opportunities to still enjoy the great outdoors! Or, maybe you use this weekend to do some much overdue spring cleaning, like we’re going to. Well, that and a walk.

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edmonton rain

Friday is actually the nicest in the forecast, with a high of 23 and sun lined up. Meanwhile, you might want to run errands on Saturday, since it’s the rainiest and windiest of the weekend. Sunday we’re throwing in the wildcard pile, so you do you then.

Have a great weekend, Edmonton!

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