Edmonton is getting its very own Nordic Spa and we can’t wait

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WHAT IS UP, PEOPLE! We’ve got some heckin’ good news. Edmonton is getting a Nordic spa sometime in the future out in Parkland County. Quebec company Groupe Nordik is expecting to build a $50 million spa in just west of Edmonton very soon! Details? We’ve got a few. Excitement? We’ve got too much.

You’ve probably heard of Kananaskis’ Nordic Spa, which is as close to an alpine sanctuary that we’ve ever seen. It’s around an hour west of Calgary, and just under 4 hours from Edmonton. To be honest, it’s around 3 and a half hours if you’re as restless for relaxation as we are.

At the Nordic Spa you can lounge in the hot pools and treat yo’self to some stellar spa treatments, all while surrounded by nature. It seriously ups your relaxation game, and we’re pumped to say that Edmonton is legitimately getting a Nordic Spa of its own.

What to Expect from Nordic Spa Edmonton

This new Nordic Spa in Edmonton will have a focus on thermal therapy while offering a wide variety of services. Thermal therapy is all about going from a good sweat to cool down and then letting your endorphins take over. Apparently, it’s a European tradition of doing a thermal cycle instead of going to the gym. So… what have we been doing all this time?! Heading to the spa is sure as sh*t a lot more pleasant than hittin’ up the stair climber.

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This new Nordic Spa in Edmonton will not only be great for your bods but the economy too. According to Group Nordik, it’ll create more than 450 jobs in Edmonton. In an economy strapped for jobs, that sounds pretty damn good. Unfortunately, plans to break ground and begin construction won’t be till 2021. Guess we can’t relax just yet.

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So, guys, we guess you’ll just have to settle on Kananaskis’ Nordic Spa for now. Or, you could check out some private backyard pools that are heated. These are all heated and none of them have a fence!

If you clicked on any of the above, shame on you congrats. You’re just as desperate for a Nordic Spa in Edmonton as we are. Keep an eye on us for more updates on Edmonton’s Nordic Spa plans.

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