Edmonton forecast shows a hint of rain all weekend

Photo via ShutterstockPhoto via The Weather Network

We’re just going to completely disregard the weekend weather forecast for Edmonton and assume that we’re bringing the sun with us everywhere. That’s going to be pretty easy on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday the odds are stacked against us.

That’s because Saturday and Sunday we’re both looking at scattered showers throughout the day. Now, the max rainfall called for is like 5mm, but knowing Albertan early summer weather we’re going to say there’s room for 5mm either way there.

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edmonton forecast

Which is why we’re just going to say that it doesn’t exist and roll the dice. Maybe we caught in the park during a little rain, or maybe we watch the clouds pass over another part of the city. Fingers crossed that it’s the latter that actually ends up happening.

Enjoy the weekend, folks!

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