Edmonton forecast calls for scorching weekend of summer weather

Photo via Jeff Whyte/ShutterstockPhoto via The Weather Network

Well, it might have taken its time deciding whether or not to come over, but the Edmonton forecast suggests summer has officially made a decision. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s just take a peek at what to expect this weekend.

Friday is actually going to be the most mild day this weekend. And we’re using the term ‘mild’ loosely here, since we’re still looking at a high of 24 degrees and it feeling like it could be 27 or hotter. Yeah, if that’s not a way for August to make an entrance we don’t know what is.

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Because if Friday was summer getting its foot in the door, then Saturday it’s barging in and Sunday it’s taking over the lease. We’re looking at back to back days where it’s supposed to be 30 degrees or hotter. Remember hating rain in the forecast? Well, a quick shower or two might actually be nice this weekend.

So whatever you’re feeling, if it’s outdoors make sure you put on sunscreen and drink lots of water! You don’t want to be looking like a foolish crab person after a day out and about.

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