Edmonton-based Aurora Cannabis has entered the US market

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Canada is known for a lot of things. And more recently we’ve been known for our weed and laws surrounding it. And with our neighbours down south slowly loosening their weed laws, it makes sense for Canada’s biggest weed companies to make an international move.  Cue Edmonton-based Aurora Cannabis, who is taking advantage of those loosening rules by expanding south.

Basically, Aurora has a pretty strategic way to enter the US weed market and that is through the acquisition of Reliva. The deal gives Aurora access to about 20,000 retailers carrying Reliva’s existing CBD products.

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Not to mention, Reliva is a mass-market CBD platform so this move is ideal for Aurora’s entrance into the US weed market as it should be easy to scale up. Sorry, we know the Cannabis market is probably the more correct term but we’re going to keep calling it weed market.

Anyway, if you want to learn more, we recommend clicking here. But as a fair warning, there is a lot of financial mumbo jumbo. And essentially what you should know is that Aurora is entering the US weed market via Reliva which means high quality and science-backed products for Americans. Yay!

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