Details on $500 million in arts and sports funding unveiled by government

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In mid-April, the Canadian government announced that arts and sports sectors across Canada would be receiving $500 million in additional funding. This morning Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Canadian Heritage, announced the details of the plan.

It’s called the Emergency Support Fund for Cultural, Heritage and Sport Organizations. Working alongside national organizations, the fund will support a variety of sectors.

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Roughly $325M is going towards Canadian Heritage. Of that, $200M is for the arts and culture industry in Canada, $72M is for sports, and $55M for ‘heritage’ through museums across Canada. The other major component of the fund is for Canada’s audiovisual sector, with about $118M being set aside there.

Finally, $55M is to be distributed by the Canada Council for the Arts, and $3.5M is for the Digital Citizen Initiative, which we had no idea existed before today.

And that’s a brief overview of the new arts and culture support fund in Canada. If you’d like to check out the press release, click here.

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