Canadian travellers top 3 global destinations might surprise you

Photo via Mathieu Lebreton/Flickr

Mastercard recently released their index of global destinations for 2019, and Canada’s top 3 might surprise you. You’re probably thinking, oh, maybe Paris, London, and New York. At least, that’s what we thought. But actually, we only got 1 out of 3 right.

That’s because Canada’s top destinations in 2019 were Washington, Las Vegas and New York. What’s more, it’s in that order. Washington saw 7.9%, Las Vegas 7.8% and New York 5.4%.

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In contrast, the top 3 global destinations were Bangkok, Paris and London. See, now that makes a lot more sense to us. We don’t know, we could just be behind the times.

Maybe it’s because the numbers are based on the amount spent by Canadian travellers, and not the sheer number, but even still. Washington? What are people even buying in Washington? Vegas and New York we can understand, but Washington has us stumped.

We here at Curiocity think that Canada’s top destinations should be a little bit more fun. Sure, it costs more to get to Europe, but save some cash and bring home some souvenirs, will you?

You can check out Mastercard’s full report here.

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