Canada strikes deal to buy ‘millions of doses’ of COVID-19 vaccine

Photo via Pfizer

On Wednesday, the Government of Canada announced that it had entered an agreement to purchase ‘millions of doses’ of future COVID-19 vaccines. This was secured with two different bio-med and pharma companies- Pfizer and Moderna. Let’s check it out!

Basically, the government is betting that one of the two companies will develop a vaccine before anyone else. And because of that, they want to secure doses for Canadians across the country. But, they are also in talks with other companies as well. Hedging their bets, we like it.

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And to make sure all this goes smoothly, a new COVID-19 Therapeutics Task Force has been created. Basically, this panel of experts will try to ensure that partnerships and funds used to create vaccines and treatments are as good as they can get.

Well, we trust them to do a good job. If you’d like to check out the news release in full, just click here! Enjoy the day, folks.