Canada introduces stricter rules for American travellers going to Alaska

Photo via Shutterstock

In order to deal with a few tough situations, the Government of Canada is introducing new rules for American travellers coming through Canada to get to Alaska. Basically, these stricter new rules will set a timeframe for their travel and mark the cars to let Canadians know they’re just passing through.

Additionally, the number of border crossings that can be used by Americans has been brought down to 4 across BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Once inside Canada, they will be limited to routes that avoid national parks, tourist attractions, and leisure activities.

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They will also be on a time limit to get to the final destination. In a nutshell, Canada is telling American travellers that they can pass through, but passing through is pretty much all they can do. Personally, we think this is a great way to deal with the problem.

And now if you see an American license plate on a vehicle and there isn’t a hang tag, you can just report them to the local authorities! You can check out the full update from the Government of Canada on travellers passing through right here.

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