Alberta Government to hand out 20 million more masks next week

Photo via @shandro Twitter

If you missed the first round of free masks being given out in Alberta, don’t worry, because the next period for picking some up has just been revealed! On July 13th, 20 million more masks are going to be distributed across Alberta, with the vast majority available at fast food restaurants.

Yup, it’s actually a pretty ingenious way to do it. Basically, the provincial government will be doling out masks to A&W, McDonald’s and Tim Hortons locations throughout the province. Available in packs of four, the masks do not require you to order anything to pick up a pack.

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Which is being stressed by the Albertan government. Last go around, a few people either intentionally or accidentally got way too many masks when they visited. So, keep the number to 1 pack per person per visit, and don’t try to take advantage of the system.

Other than that, you should know that you can call 211 to request a pack from the government directly. If you’d like to learn more about the free masks in Alberta, just click here!

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