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5 Craftsman-style homes for sale in Edmonton that we love

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Well, places have started to reopen and we’re feeling *a little* less weird about being out and about, but we haven’t stopped daydreaming about what homes we could quarantine in forever. Our current obsession? Craftsman-style homes. Not sure what that means? Okay, maybe we didn’t either until we did some proper Googling, but after some due diligence and research, we realize why these homes are so popular and distinguishable.

But, we’re not the pros here, the team at Purplebricks is, which is why we’ve partnered with them to bring you 5 Craftsman-style homes in Edmonton that we adore. Purplebricks is a full-service, fixed-fee real estate brokerage – which means you can still sell your home with the expertise of licensed, local REALTORS® but for thousands less in commission. Plus, if you’re house-hunting, you could get $2,000 in cash back just by buying with Purplebricks.

You’re able to buy and sell your home with Purplebricks for a low fixed fee while saving thousands in commission. With the current COVID-19 situation, rest assured that Purplebricks can help you sell safely all while saving you some major cash!

In case you’re not caught up on home building terminology, Craftsman-style homes are characterized by covered front porches, tapered columns, natural earth tones, partially paned windows, thick trim, exposed beams or rafters, and generally display an artisanal approach to the decor. In short, *chef’s kiss*, stunning.

City-Limit Gem

This home is the blank canvas of our dreams, and no, we’re not exaggerating. The detailing of the main floor is perfect, from the fireplace to the flooring, to the beautiful and bright kitchen. We’d say it’s to die for, but it’s no longer 2004. The soaker tub is the cherry on top, but what really ties the property together is the Craftsman-style build of the home.

Big & Bright Beauty

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Looking at this home there is one word that comes to mind, and that is space. Seriously. So much room for activities. The 9-foot ceilings, large windows, and open concept welcome a ton of natural light into the home, making those golden hour selfies possible in every corner of the house. Another bonus? The colour palette of the main floor and kitchen make us feel like we’re living in a Restoration Hardware catalogue. Only a childhood dream of ours.

Earth-Toned Family Home

semi-detached-edmonton-northwest-1600-11066202 purplebricks

With exterior colours that reflect nature paired with layered eaves and stone detailing, this home is the epitome of Craftsman style. Inside you’ll find a roomy family home with a very nicely finished basement, perfect for an entertainment or games room. Plus, the large green space in the back will provide ample opportunity for you to make your backyard dreams come true.

Sweetheart of Secord


We’re suckers for open concepts and bright spaces. Is that clear yet?! We’re living for the juxtaposition of a Craftsman-style exterior and a modern and elegant interior. Consistency is key, and we’re seeing it throughout this home with attention to detail.

Dreamy SW Duplex

purplebricks edmonton

Oh yeah, we’ve got another home filled with beaming light, perfect for that golden hour glow. There’s a lot to love about this Walker Lakes home, but our top picks are the speakers installed throughout the house, the granite kitchen countertops, and the finished basement rec room wired with surround sound, making it perfect for some serious Netflix binges.

Well friends, thanks for coming along for the ride!

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