5 Canadian cities rank on Int’l high cost of living list

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Last week, Mercer came out and ranked 209 cities around the world for the cost of living for international employees, and 5 Canadian cities ended up on the list. Haven’t heard of Mercer before? Well, they are the world’s biggest HR consulting firm and a massive ‘institutional investment advisor’, with a hand in roughly $10 TRILLION dollars in assets.

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Mercer looked at things like housing, food, transportation, and a whole bunch of other factors to determine their rankings. The research looked at everyone from the price of a movie ticket to a pair of jeans. So, it’s safe to say it was pretty in-depth.

mercer cost of living list

Hong Kong once again claimed the top spot, to the surprise of absolutely nobody. In fact, 8 out of the top 10 cities were in Asia. What did surprise us though is how long it took to get to the Canadian cities.

Vancouver, which is one of the most unaffordable cities for housing in the world, was way down at 112. Toronto followed right after, at rank 115. Another surprise was that Montreal, often seen as a ‘cheap’ city, came in at 139. Maybe international employees get addicted to bagels.

Finally, Calgary and Ottawa brought up the rear at ranks 153 and 161, respectively. Looks like we’re going to have to sell our international friends on moving to Edmonton if they want to work in Canada since it didn’t even place on the list.

You can check Mercer’s cost of living rankings here.