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Guide: The 8 most expensive condos across Canada

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We had so much fun writing that article about rents across the country that we decided to do a guide talking about the most expensive condos in Canada. We were originally going to list the top 10, but here’s a fun fact, 9 of them would have been in Vancouver.

Where’s the excitement in that! Instead, we decided to showcase the best of the best in our major cities. And, these are just ones that are currently on the market- we’re not including future developments.

Here are the most expensive condos in Canada in 2019.

Vancouver – $29,998,000

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By far the most expensive condo in Canada. This penthouse suite in the Fairmount Pacific Rim covers over 6600 square feet of living space with just under 3000 outside. When you have to prove yourself as a ‘qualified purchaser’ just to see the place, you know you’re dealing with the big dogs. And, the list price is around $10M less than it was just last year.

Toronto – $12,900,000


Well, looks like $13M can get you a sub-penthouse suite at the Four Seasons Private Residences in Toronto. Not such a bad deal, but we’re definitely wondering what the penthouses go for. We like the idea of a private marble foyer and a big ol’ tub overlooking Toronto, though.

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Montreal – $9,500,000


Probably our favourite off of the list. You still get to live in a metropolitan city, and you have a prestigious address. It’s a penthouse in a Ritz-Carleton, after all. Two floors of living space, with a private elevator and more than enough room for a couple of dinner parties.

Calgary- $3,500,000


Let’s face it, the condos in Calgary are peanuts compared to some of the absolutely insane estates sitting on the city’s outskirts. This is a steal of a deal- you get an entire floor of a modern building with an indoor theatre, private gym, and games room. Thank god for Uber Eats, because you’ll never want to leave.

Quebec City – $3,000,000


We didn’t expect Quebec City to come in at a lower price than Calgary and just a tiny bit more expensive than Edmonton. The real draw about this one is that you can buy a private island nearby, get a helicopter pad on the roof, and still be spending like a third of what you would in Vancouver.

Edmonton- $2,995,000


We like this one too since it is also an entire floor of a major skyrise. Why would you need 3 living rooms? Beats us, but we’re attracted to it nonetheless. If you’re going to be choosing Edmonton over Vancouver, at least you can rest assured you’ll get way more bang for your buck.

Ottawa- $2,799,000


Ok, this is where the whole ‘not going to include planned buildings’ rule bit us. Honestly, there are two coming to Ottawa that are cooler than this one. But, it does boast a pergola for the summer, and a hot tub, which is chill for winter.

Halifax – $2,390,000


Ah yes, Halifax, the city of the East. This one is a renovated penthouse, which means that anyone who comes over will be blown away that a brick building could hide your new spot. And! You have access to a rooftop patio, which isn’t so bad either.

And there’s our list of the most expensive condos in Canada! It’s fun to take a peek at these every once in while knowing full well we can’t afford any of them. Just keep dangling the carrot, you know? Maybe one day us writers will finally get the salary we never deserved. Dibs on Montreal.