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Guide: 8 essential summer activities for every Canadian

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Hello, fellow summer-loving Canadians! With the season well underway, now is the perfect time to release our guide to essential summer activities. Why? Well, we think it’s important that you experience as much as you can of our great country.

Here are 8 essential summer activities for Canadians.

Go on a road trip!

And what better way to go on a road trip than by exploring a new part of the country? We’ve put together guides for both road trip worthy restaurants and bed and breakfasts. Text a few friends, find a weekend that works, and get out there.

Commune with nature

vancouver summer hikes wedgemount

So, you still haven’t gone hiking yet? We would get mad, but we haven’t found the time to either. Whether you’re trying to hike around Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton or Calgary, we’ve got some great spots picked out for you.

Have an ultimate summer backyard BBQ

backyard bbq

Let’s face it- there are maybe 4 weeks out of the year where a backyard BBQ is possible (unless you’re in Vancouver, you lucky dog). Go pick up an inflatable pool from Canadian tire, fill it to the brim with ice and beer, and write off an entire afternoon (plus maybe the next day).

Hit up a patio

joe fortes

It could be a waterfront patio in Vancouver. Or, maybe a rooftop in Toronto. How about one with great views of Calgary? Maybe you want to check out one of Canada’s best bars in Edmonton. Whenever you are, now is the time to get into the sun.

Round up your friends for street hockey

street hockey

The best scenes from Trailer Park Boys might just be the road hockey scenes. Make sure you avoid inviting your uber competitive friends, but otherwise set up shop on a street in the suburbs and go buck-wild.

Check out some big ol’ waterfalls

That’s right, we’ve got a guide to the best waterfalls in Canada. Whether they’re close to the city or at the end of a hike, each and every one of them is worth it. Get out there, get a picture, maybe even have a picnic nearby. It’s relaxing and intimidating at the same time!

Dip your toes in the water

norvan falls

Who doesn’t love cooling off in the summer with a quick dip? Actually, we’re more like lizards here at Curiocity (and not marine iguanas). But even we can be convinced to check out a waterfall, an outdoor pool, or a great lazy river.

Hit up a music festival

fvded in the park

Just because a couple of music festivals have come and gone doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all of them. Let our guide to Canada’s best summer music festivals inform where you’ll be flying to last minute over the next couple of months.

There you have it, folks! Our top 8 essential Canadian summer activities. You know what they say- summer only comes once a year. Make sure you don’t spoil it.

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