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This Canadian Company Just Launched The Healthiest Vodka Soda On The Market

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Being Canadian is something to be proud of, and shopping Canadian brands is something we should always make sure we do. Especially when we are at the forefront of an innovative way to enjoy alcoholic beverages that are actually good for you. Yep, GOOD. FOR. YOU. Big cellys all around for this one.

Canadian-born Well Juicery has just launched its first-ever alcoholic beverage and boy, oh boy, it’s got us excited. For the last few years, Well Juicery has been paving the way in the cold-pressed juice world, with its company values lying heavily in supplying products that have fresh, tasty, natural flavours locked in.


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You may be familiar with some of Well Juicery’s popular and innovative products like Charcoal Infused Lemonade, Canbucha (kombucha in a can, duh!), and Lemon & Ginger Elixir. Now, they’ve made their way into the world of canned vodka sodas, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

So, here’s the scoop on their newest revelation,  the Superfood Sparkling Vodka Lemonade. Which, by the way, comes in three unique flavours: Organic Charcoal Sparkling Vodka, Organic Spirulina Sparkling Vodka Lemonade, and Hibiscus Sparkling Vodka Lemonade. They begin with an organic nutrient-infused juice, lightly sweetened by agave, balanced with organic vodka, and balance of filtered carbonated water.

Boom! Just like that, you’ve got Canada’s first organic vodka beverage made with nothing but the highest quality inputs. We’re talking certified organic stuff here, people!

well juicery vodka soda

All of those good ingredients lead to a not-too-sweet taste with a refreshing kick to it. Ah, we can just imagine how smooth these are going to go down while the temperatures keep going up. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Yup, we just found our new summertime drink! Actually, come to think of it, we’ve found the drink that will keep summertime rolling all year long. 

So whether you’re on the boat, on the beach, or chillin’ in the backyard this summer, grab yourself one of the three flavours of Superfood Sparkling Vodka Lemonades from your nearest LCBO and enjoy. Cheers!

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