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Starbucks delivery is coming to Canada this summer!

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Getting up off the couch to feed yourself is so yesterday. In the days of quick and easy food delivery (easy as long as the Skip guy listens to your instructions on how to get inside the apartment building), we’re surprised it took this long for Starbucks delivery to become a thing! Alas, the time is now. You’ll be getting triple espresso caffeinated in no time, pals.

Canada is about to get Starbucks delivery! It’s coming via Uber, but also sort of its own thing. It’s part of the new Starbucks Delivers program, which is being run by Uber Eats. Major Canadian cities will be able to have their venti caramel triple shot half sweet frappe at their doorstep.

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In fact, Starbucks already supports delivery via third party services in a few other countries. However, this will be the debut of the service in the Great White North. Depending how the launch goes, smaller cities may see deliverable Starbs in their future, too.

The exact launch date hasn’t been released yet. However, Starbucks has stated that you can expect it to start sometime this summer. Ah, just in time for Very Berry Hibiscus season! Yaass!

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