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Jollibee Edmonton opens this week, & you could win a YEAR of free food

Photo via @jollibee

Mark your calendars, sweet spaghetti fans: Friday, August 16 is the day that Jollibee opens in Edmonton. We know, we know– the excitement is real! Here’s what you can expect from this wicked new spot.

The hugely popular brand has current locations in Scarborough, Winnipeg and Mississauga, but we’re pretty glad it’s finally making its way to AB. Especially with these wicked giveaways– they’ll be giving away a year’s worth of their chicken to the first 50 customers, so hustle over for their 7am opening!

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Beside staples like fried chicken, they’ve got some oddities like the aforementioned sweet spaghetti, as well as mango pies and two-piece burger steaks. Well alrighty then!

So while your Calgary pals still have a few months left to wait for Jollibee to come to life there, you can flex on them with your tasty, tasty Filipino goodness. Enjoy it, pals!


Where: 3803 Calgary Trail NW (Unit 914), Edmonton
When: Friday, August 16th at 7:00am

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