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JOEY’s newest must-try cocktail is summer in a glass

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A little slice of summer is here, everyone! JOEY Restaurants has taken our polar vortex of winter and spent it crafting up a cocktail that’s basically drinkable summer. We’re going to be sipping and impatiently staring out the window until it’s 25 degrees out. Care to join?

The appropriately named Watermelon Drink is indeed a watermelon drink. It’s a blend of fresh watermelon (shocker), lime, mint, agave, and Absolut vodka. We’re Absolutley stoked on it.


So your drink choice is set. Now, what to pair with it? The menu’s stacked with everything from seafood to veggie options, so you might want to whip out the reading options and buckle down for some tough decision-making time.

joey restaurants

We’re thinking it’ll pair nicely with some shrimp lettuce wraps or a nice little rotisserie chicken bistro plate. Maybe you’re more of a veggie burger slider person? Or are you just here for the hot wings? Perhaps some happy hour snacks?

We’re sure you can find the ideal Watermelon Drink companion on the menu. They’ve got options aplenty.


Ahh, the possibilities are endless. It’ll also photograph nicely when we have our summer tan on. The pink really sets off the lack of depressing pastiness.

Summer, we’re waiting with Watermelon Drink in hand.

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