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Celebrate Camp Day with an iced coffee from Tim Hortons today

Photo via Tim Hortons

Happy Wednesday, folks! As a heads up, Tim Hortons has announced that today is the annual Camp Day fundraiser. So, they’re donating all of the proceeds from hot and iced coffee sales to the Tim Hortons Foundation Camps.

You might be thinking ‘hold on, there’s no way that Tims is hosting camps this summer’. And you’d be half right. In order to still provide support, Tims is running an 8-week long eCamp this year. That started early in July, and will continue to the end of this month.

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If you needed a refresher, the Tims Camps help children aged 12-16 learn skills like leadership, responsibility and resiliency over multi-year programs. The camp has been around for over three decades, and has given almost 300k Canadian kids the opportunity to attend summer camp.

So, we think it’s worth buying a coffee from Tims today! If you’d like to learn more about Camp Day or the camps themselves, just click here!