Send a photo of your dog and win a $3M Calgary dream home

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As if you needed another reason to love your pet, they might just be your ticket to a $3M home in the heart of Calgary. That’s right, a Calgary couple has opted to do a photo contest to sell their dream home. Where is it? No other than the prestigious Mount Royal neighbourhood.

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It’s kind of a sad backstory. The couple had decided to build a gorgeous, 4,00 square foot custom home. But, due to rising construction costs (and the cost of having great taste), it became clear that they could no longer afford it.

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They tried to list it on Calgary’s market, but a sluggish economy meant that they could not recoup their investment. Rather than take the loss, the couple decided to partner up with the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society and the MEOW Foundation.

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dream home

How does the contest work? It’s simple, you pay a fee of $35 and submit a photo of your pet. The contest ends on October 22, or whenever 100,000 entries are reached.

dream home

First place is the house itself, with three runner ups receiving $50k apiece. Finally, the remaining $100,000 of proceeds will be split between the two charities. Not a bad shake for all involved.

dream home

And, because this isn’t a pay-to-win contest (which is pretty illegal), there is a clause for those who want to save $35. Instead, you can write an essay on “Living in your new dream home with your pet”.

You can check out the Calgary home contest in full here.

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