New NHLPA player poll reveals best and worst of the league

Via NHL & Wikipedia

While the rest of the season might be up in the air, we at least have the NHLPA Player Poll from the 2019-20 season to think about in the meanwhile. Released today, the poll looks at some of the most notable players in the league, both on and off the ice.

Let’s take a peek at on ice ratings first, hey? Perhaps unsurprisingly, Connor McDavid was named the NHL’s best forward, with a whopping 68.3% majority. For reference, the best defenceman, Victor Hedman, only captured 37.88%. And the league didn’t forget about Crosby, who was named the best player if you ‘need to win a game’.

But, there were a couple of real surprises (at least in our opinion). For example, Carey Price took home the best goalie. While he’s absolutely one of the best of all time, we don’t think this season was exactly a shining one for him. That’s just us, though.

Here’s a fun laugh too- Brad Marchand won the prize for being the league’s best and worst trash talker. Talk about a polarizing player! However, we think a return to chirping form is going to be hard, and nobody is ever going to let him live down that shootout attempt.

We’re not going to spoil all the fun, though. Click this link to check out the NHL Player Poll for yourself!

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