Calgary weatherman’s costume makes his co-hosts cry tears of laughter

Via Global News Calgary

Ah, Halloween. The only time of the year when spooky and sexy collide in such a bizarre fashion. It’s also the only time of year you’d see a grown man voluntarily wearing a flying unicorn/cat costume. Which is exactly what the Calgary-based Global News weatherman Jordan Witzel wore.

Typically, we’d ask what the motivation was to don this outfit on live TV, but after viewing the clip all we can do is thank him. Apparently, laughter is the best Halloween hangover medicine and Jordan’s unholy day of dress-up delivered that in spanx spades.

The eternal question haunting the anchors co-hosting the segment along with the over 1 million people who have already watched it on YouTube is “What are you?”

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According to Jordan Witzel, he was a character known as “Ferdinand the Mystical Meteorologist”, and goodness gracious is he ever magical.

After tossing his hooves up in order to “get fully into character”, Jordan’s co-hosts completely lose it for the last time. Tears roll down their faces while Jordan the unicorn cat stands bruised but not broken in front of the TV audience. He gallops on.

After all, it is Halloween and the weather must be read. Cheers to you, Jordan Witzel. We’ll be waiting to see what you can top this with next year.

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