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This hot new app is changing the way you recycle in Edmonton

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All right, pals, we’ve got the lowdown on this city’s latest tech app craze. This bad boy is about to rock y’all worlds, read on!

Dreading the clean up after hosting a big party or event? We feel you. What about sorting through sticky and smelly cans? Us too, friends. Put time back into your evenings and weekends and ditch your undesired tasks.

Keep your car smelling lemony fresh and leave your cans and recyclables to SkipTheDepot. Sound too good to be true? Nah, SkipTheDepot does the heavy lifting while we reap the benefits!

skip the depot edmonton

Yep, SkipTheDepot will do all your dirty work and even pay you back for it! SkipTheDepot offers an easy, convenient way to get rid of your recyclables. From beverage containers to recyclables, SkipTheDepot is saving you a trip to the Bottle Depot.

With its focus on sustainability, SkipTheDepot really is a win-win service! SkipTheDepot combines high-tech routing algorithms allowing drivers to efficiently pick up everyone’s recyclables. SkipTheDepot saves your gas tank, time and crosses one errand off your weekend to-do list.

No need to prep or be present at the time of pickup! Just put your recycles in a bag and have it placed in a secure spot; you hardly have to lift a finger. After your first pickup, you’ll receive environmentally friendly bags to use next time!

skip the depot edmonton

Fast, easy and already at your door, SkipTheDepot is very accessible and just a click away! Whether you live at home, in a condo, apartment or you’re a commercial business in a warehouse, restaurant or office building, SkipTheDepot comes to you. And that’s something we can get into.

The convenience is a wonderful gift for us all, especially for those who are seniors, don’t have a vehicle or just had too many adult bevies the night before and are hard of moving.

What’s next? Grab your phone and download the free app! Sign up, key in your address, and put your bags outside the morning of your scheduled pickup day. SkipTheDepot credits your account within 48 hours so treat yourself and cash out via Interac e-Transfer or donate to a local charity of your choice!

With over 150 local charities and fundraisers to choose from, you have the option to give back to an organization you value and feel most connected to!

It really is a hop, skip and a quick click away! Take a load off your daily to-dos and let SkipTheDepot lend a hand!


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