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Take Edmonton’s best cooking classes at ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen

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Ditch the dishes the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen is making a list and checking it twice with new hands-on classes ready to level up your cooking game! We know it can be intimidating, from the peeling to the kneading, there’s a lot that goes into prepping a delicious meal. Explore new cuisines, with a diverse range of cooking classes and enjoy learning to cook with the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen’s team of Home Economists.



How good do melt-in-your-mouth perogies sound? Pretty darn good if you ask us. Learn insider tips on how to bring authentic cooking and baking to life in the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen and take it straight to your own table.

Time will fly while you create your own charcuterie boards during the special event: Wine & Charcuterie Boards. Shout out to the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen for teaching us how to make our own culinary creations and impress friends and family with the perfect wine and cheese pairings!


Bored with the same ol’ chicken and rice combo? Us, too. Swap out dingy dinners for a fancier affair and get your next cooking inspo from the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen’s website. Stacked with quick and easy recipes, try your hand at the Chicken Pot Pie with Harvest Vegetables, or the Harvest Squash Medley.


Flex your new-found cooking skills at your own culinary dinner party. Don’t worry if you get overconfident and forget what fork is for dinner and for salad, give ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen’s Answer Line a call. A quick 11 digit dial (1-877-420-9090) and you’ll be easily connected to the Home Economist who can answer your questions when Google didn’t come through.


Better yet, cooking questions aren’t the only problems the Home Economist can solve. For all those Millenials out there with 99 problems, we know that doing laundry and eating healthy are probably two of them. We’re here to tell you the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen’s Home Economists want to fold clothes for ya… on second thought that might be a stretch but they definitely want to teach you how.

The ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen will elevate your hands-on cooking experience, get you out of a quick jam with their Answer Line and educate the masses with cooking demonstrations on healthy eating lessons! Check out the ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen for their full Fall Schedule and get ready to level up your cooking skills, Edmonton!


Where: 10035 105 St NW

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