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Guide: 9 of the most enviro-friendly businesses in Edmonton

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We all want to do our part in preserving our planet and saving the Earth. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Edmonton’s latest recycling app, SkipTheDepot, to bring you 8 of the city’s most enviro-friendly businesses.

Keep this list in mind, folks!



Dreading the clean up after hosting a big party or event? We feel you. What about sorting through sticky and smelly cans? Us too, friends. Put time back into your evenings and weekends and ditch your undesired tasks. Keep your car smelling lemony fresh and leave your cans and recyclables to SkipTheDepot. Sound too good to be true? Nah, SkipTheDepot does the heavy lifting while we reap the benefits!

Where: Download the app today!

Earth’s General Store

The motto behind Edmonton’s premiere zero-waste and reduced-waste store is “fresh, fair trade, organic.” That should give you a pretty good idea of just how important remaining environmentally-conscious is to the people behind this classic shop. From cleaning products to delicious food, this general store has it all.

Where: 9605 Whyte Ave

Red Pony

red pony

Consignment is like cleverly recycling clothes, so we have to hand it to Red Pony for being one of the best of these types in Edmonton. High-end brands and vintage offerings mix together in a pleasant, friendly environment.

Where: 8530-109 Street

Carbon Environmental Boutique

Alright, so this is a great spot to refill all those delightfully eco-friendly soaps, serums, and scents. From cleaning products to handmade goods, Carbon Environmental’s eco-boutique is the perfect place to keep your ethical green journey going.

Where: 12543 102 Ave

Two Mothers

two mothers

This expert baby store is focused on providing the very best service to mothers in Edmonton. They make a sizeable effort to create a community amongst themselves and their shoppers, so every time you visit it feels more and more like home.

Where: 9553 76 Avenue NW

Antique Treasure House

Okay, so this Edmonton staple might not purposefully be environmentally friendly, but it’s a gem that gets the job done, nonetheless. Second-hand goods are always a good idea if you want to reduce your waste, so why not start your shopping at a house full of legitimate antique treasures?

Where: 10701 85 Ave NW

Operation Fruit Rescue


This unique outfit gathers volunteers to harvest, process, and preserve local fruit. Confused? Don’t be! If you’ve got fruit growing on your property and don’t know what to do with it then give these guys a shout and they’ll take care of it for you.

Where: 9528 107 A Ave

ACME Meats

FYI, you can love meat AND the environment. That’s especially obvious when visiting ACME Meats, who lets you take the meat home in your own containers and cuts natural, locally-sourced, free-range meats.

Where: Ritchie Market, 9570 76 Ave NW



If you’re looking for what might be the easiest way to make a good impact, consider TreeEra, the ‘Netflix of tree planting’. For as little as 12 dollars a month, this subscription service will plant at least 100 trees for you annually. It’s a clever way to make a difference, and heck, it’s very affordable.

There you have it pals, 8 ways to do your part in protecting our planet and giving back to amazing enviro-friendly local businesses!

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