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Guide: 7 top tips for saving (more than just money) this festival season

Photo via Daniel Greenways

Festival season is in full swing friends! It’s that glorious stretch of time when there seems to be a festival for everyone and everything. Take your pick and get ready to live it up this summer (hopefully in the sunshine, #amirite?). Our friends at Brightside want to help you save on all things–money, time, sanity– so we’ve teamed up with them to give you 7 tips to help you save while still keeping that festival experience top-notch.

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1. Early Bird Gets the Savings

Most festivals have tiered or graduated ticket pricing, so the earlier you purchase tickets, the cheaper they’ll be. The best-priced tickets are often available before the headliners are announced. So if you’ve liked a festival’s lineup in the past, it might be worth saving yourself the money by committing early.

2. Get Your Friends on the Same Map

There’s nothing worse than losing your friends at a festival, and knowing that finding them through the throngs of other festival-goers is going to be a huge headache. Save yourself the frustration of trying to find the “beer tub by the garbage can near the bush” and create a “Friend Finder” map. Before you go, assign numbers to key landmarks on a map of the festival you’re attending. Share it with all your friends via group chat and save yourself some time regrouping.

3. Follow The Photographer

Keep your eyes open for cameras! Photographers have an uncanny ability to part the crowd, making it a breeze to move towards the stage during a popular set. Save yourself from fighting the masses (no more elbows in the ribs or stepping on toes!) and trail behind the photog. Plus, it’s their job to find alllllllllll the angles. Follow their lead and you’re bound to end up with some of the best views (and your own photo ops) of the show.

4. Keep Your Valuables (Fashionably) Close

It’s not uncommon to lose something at a festival. You’re distracted by all the excitement, it happens! We’re all about those festival season good vibes but sometimes crowds mean sticky fingers. Luckily, fanny packs and belt bags are trending– be safe and stylish while keeping your valuables (phone, ID, cards) close!

5. Pack A Battery Pack

Portable chargers are arguably one of the most crucial items to pack for a festival because Instagram or it didn’t happen– right? And it’s easy to drain a phone battery when you’re uploading the full length of your fave songs. Save yourself the dread of the low battery notification and come prepared with back up.

6. BYO-Snacks

You’ll be getting well over your 10,000 daily steps when you’re at a festival. With all the extra activity, you’ll need sustenance to keep you going. Instead of the expensive (and often indulgent) food available at festivals, bring your own snacks. Not only will you save yourself a few bucks, you’ll save time not having to wait in the lengthy vendor lines. Bonus: avoid overpriced H2O and bring a reusable water bottle or hydration pack. Many festivals now have water refill stations!

7. Enter Contests to Win Tickets

What’s better than attending a music festival? Attending a music festival for free! Entering contests for tickets is an easy way to up your chances of saving big this summer. Make sure you’re following @CuriocityEdmonton and @HiBrightsider on IG for your chance to win tickets to Interstellar Rodeo courtesy of Brightside.

We hope these tips make your festival season a little brighter! Make sure you follow all the fun on IG @HiBrightsider and sign up for their waitlist at for your chance to win some major prizes all summer long with Random Acts of Brightside: Summer Edition!

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