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Get Your Next Adrenaline Fix at Edmonton’s Adult Playground

Via Snow Valley Aerial Park

Any adventure junkies out there feeling trapped from COVID travel restrictions? Us too. Although COVID is making it difficult to head anywhere exotic right now, we’ve found a pretty awesome locally-owned attraction perfect for a shot of summertime adrenaline!

If you haven’t checked out Snow Valley Aerial Park before, it’s basically a gigantic adult-sized playground! The park has everything from ziplines to slacklines, a rock-climbing rainbow, balance beams, and features that will give you a real flashback to your younger days like monkey bars and teeter-totters! Grab an ice cream cone at the newly opened Scoop Shack right next door and you’re sure to be feeling like you’re 5 again.

snow valley aerial park

The tower itself is massive reaching over 50 feet tall (you can actually jump off the top if you want to!) and has over 100 features depending on what type of a thrill-seeker you might be. Some of the challenges are pretty easy and others are damn well near impossible. If you’re actually able to do the Sloth Bars you better tag us, because we won’t believe you.

Fun fact – The Kayak Crossing, Mine Cart Pull, and Wobbly Snowboard challenges were all inspired by Edmonton’s River Valley, city history, and the ski hill itself. Talk about supporting local!

snow valley aerial park

The park reopened late June and is now offering their EXTRA Value Cards for their summer season which runs until September 27th. The cool thing about these cards (aside from saving you $40 off the regular rate) is that they include 5 visits which are transferable, so you can use them up on one visit with your family or friend group of five, keep them all to yourself, or give a couple away. If you want to pick one up, they’re $145 and can be bought online here.

snow valley aerial park

So, if you’re looking for something fun and different to do this summer, this is definitely the spot to check out. And don’t worry – they’ve got all the COVID precautions in place including hand sanitizers all over the tower, masked guides that keep their distance, and all of the harnesses are sanitized after each use.

The park is located in the Whitemud Ravine just off the Whitemud Freeway. Guests have to be over 4 foot 1 in height to participate, so if you’re on the shorter side or have small kids, Snow Valley might not be the best fit!

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