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Forget DIY, IKEA’s partnership with TaskRabbit will do it for you


Everyone loves IKEA, some love putting IKEA stuff together, and others would rather watch someone else do it for them. Luckily for the latter group, IKEA has now partnered with TaskRabbit so you can get all of the IKEA furniture you could ever want and never have to assemble, install, or repair it yourself. Talk about a dream come true.

IKEA taskrabbit

The IKEA and TaskRabbit partnership lets you instantly connect to a community of skilled “Taskers” in your area and find the one who fits your job the best. Whether that be hanging a painting, putting together a new desk, cleaning the backyard…heck, if it’s a DIY then TaskRabbit can take care of it.

The TaskRabbit service is super easy to use and will connect you to a background-checked local Tasker who can help assemble your IKEA products and more. IKEA assembly pricing is fixed, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees, snags, or misunderstandings.

ikea taskrabbit

Plus, you’ll be hiring someone local! People helping people, it’s powerful stuff. Here are a few extra details to make sure you know exactly how the IKEA and TaskRabbit operation works:

  • In-home assembly starts at only $32.
  • Taskers are trusted and rated and reviewed by their previous clients. They have experience with assembly, installations, home repairs, and more.
  • Book a task for as soon as tomorrow online at or through the TaskRabbit app.
  • You can chat with your Tasker to coordinate details in advance of your scheduled booking. Pay easily through TaskRabbit only when your task is complete.

Okay, so what’s the catch? Well, apparently, there isn’t one. Huh, kinda refreshing when there’s a solid and useful service presented to us, isn’t it?

All you have to do is download the TaskRabbit app or head on over to the website and you can get started!

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