Calgary’s Surplus Auction is always a surprise. From historic bridge decals to ballot boxes, the site has seen it all so it was hardly a shock when Eau Claire’s familiar splash park windmill popped up alongside other miscellaneous items from places like the city’s lost and found.

Though the iconic ornament still works just fine, it seems as though the team behind the community’s $25 million plaza redevelopment has chosen not to use it – which if we’re being honest, is kind of devastating.

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Photo Via Surplus Auction / City of Calgary

If you’re interested in taking home this iconically Calgarian piece, the current bid is $700 which is way less than we believe it’s worth – but it’s only just begun!

The Calgary Surplus Auction will still be excepting offers until July 30th at 8 pm, so don’t hesitate… and maybe rent a moving truck in anticipation of your win.

According to the site, the city will dismantle the Eau Claire windmill for whoever is successful, but it will be up to them to transport it to wherever they plan on putting it.

Good luck, Calgary – and may the quickest clicker win.