The pandemic has been a learning curve for restaurants as owners and staff alike try to figure out how to keep things afloat. While dining is slowly getting back to normsl these days, staffing is not. Many restaurants are struggling to find and keep staff and it looks Dick’s Drive-In is no different.

The beloved local fast-food burger chain is increasing its minimum wage to $19 an hour as they, like many other restaurants, are experiencing a labor shortage. So if you’re looking for a job, working at Dick’s might not be too shabby because employees will actually bump up to $20 an hour once they pass their first skills test. That usually happens during the first 12 weeks of employment and if all is well, employees can also get raises and bonuses.

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It’s also worth mentioning that employees can get both scholarship and childcare benefits as well. Plus employees who work 32 hours a week will be eligible to earn overtime for additional hours through the end of the year. It sounds pretty sweet if you ask us.

Now Dick’s has come under some heat recently from employees who filed complaints with the state over health and labor violations this past March. While the company initially denied these allegations, they were just fined $35,100 this month after the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries issued 12 citations during a routine inspection.

So we’ll assume that the burger chain has learned its lesson. We’re happy to see them paying employees more and we also hope that it means they can keep their locations open because who doesn’t love a good Dick’s burger? You can learn more by clicking here.