Washington State is full of many magnificent natural wonders including some spectacularly blue water. However, you can’t find it just anywhere, no, you have to go to the heart of the North Cascades. There you’ll find Diablo Lake, one of Washington’s most colorful bodies of water.

Lake Diablo turns a brilliant turquoise blue color in the summer months making it a great warm-weather attraction. According to the National Park Service, its hue comes from “suspended fine rock particles refracting sunlight.” The rock particles or glacial flour, enter the lake when rock from the surrounding mountains is eroded by ice and flows into the water through glacial streams.

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So when is the best time to visit? The lake’s color is most vibrant on sunny days in July, August, and September when seasonal glacial melt occurs. Not only are the colors vibrant during the summer months but it’s also the perfect time to explore all of the hiking options in the North Cascades.

All you need to visit Diablo Lake is to head to North Cascades National Park. You don’t even have to pay to enter! If you are looking to camp, however, you will need to purchase specific camping passes and permits.