It’s the holiday season, and you can now officially stream Ryan Reynolds’ new holiday musical with Will Ferrell on Apple TV+ to get you in the spirit! And the Vancouver actor misses no opportunity to spread the word.

In a video posted on his social media accounts, both Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer go through the model updates and features of “The Ryan Reynolds+”, a hilarious “Cyber Monday offer” that proves Apple knows exactly what they’re doing.

The parody ad starts off by introducing the product, of course.

“The complexity in the eyes is immediately apparent. Is he funny? Confused? With a new 3x emotional range, The Ryan Reynolds+ can be any of those things anytime.”


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The “ad” then goes on to describe the product’s performance in the new Christmas musical spinoff, commenting that “5 songs and 4 dances” have been introduced.

“The Ryan Reynolds has been programmed with song and dance mode, both of which are displayed in Spirited.”

Lastly, the video dives into his “bug fixes,” as per any Apple product reveal. Apple TV+ covered his “hideous face with a beard,” and took out the “bags under his eyes” — to which Reynolds responds with a quip of his own: “I have three kids!”

Honestly, while we’re a little bummed that there’s no actual Ryan Reynolds Cyber Monday deal in the mix, this was a great laugh nonetheless. So if you’re getting cozy over the weekend, like us, and looking for something new to stream, why not give Spirited a watch?

And if you’re looking to check out some real Cyber Monday deals, with or without Ryan, we’ve got you covered.