Halloween is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you should have to wait that long to get all dressed up! This September, get tight, get bright and get tubular for another totally 80s adults-only night at Cobb’s Adventure Park.

From Guns and Roses and jelly bracelets to Madonna and Purple Rain, this wacky evening is going to be an incredible time for everyone… well, except your kids who will have to stay at home while you frolic with cute-as-can-be farm animals.

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In addition to cuddling up to a variety of fur babies – like their adorable baby kangaroos, guests can also go head to head in a game of mini-golf, throw a few axes or solve some puzzles – but that’s not all, oh no.

Because you certainly don’t want to be drinking on an empty stomach, Cobb’s will also have a ton of food on standby – ensuring that you can really make the most of the entire evening.

In conclusion – you don’t want to miss this, friends! Get your tickets now!


When: Saturday, September 4th
Where: 1500 84 St NE, Calgary, AB
Time: 6 pm – 10 pm
Cost: $45