We’re guessing we wouldn’t be wrong in assuming that we’ve all partied a little too hard this past month. And that we thoroughly over-indulged in all the Stampede delights— the food, the booze, the music, the late nights, and now we’re topping it all off with even more celebrations over the long weekend. But soon comes the dreadful part… recovering from our post-Stampede & long weekend blues. Thankfully, CrossIron Mills has us covered with its self-care kit.

The shopping centre cleverly prepped for our recovery with the help of its retailers. CrossIron Mills has cleverly curated this self-care kit with products from fan favourite stores, including Indigo, Saje, and Purdy’s. The kit is intended to help us get over our after-celebration blues and rejuvenate our minds and bodies.


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Accordingly, you’ll find the following in the kit—

$25 CrossIron Mills Gift Card – For whatever additional help you may need.

Saje Relief Kit (Saje) – For holistic wellness and a complete mind-body detox.

Cactus Bloom Candle (Charmed Aroma) – For soothing those nerves and bringing you to a state of calm

Round Soft Touch Mint Lip Balm – For a refreshed morning (or evening) routine.

Premium Plush Eye Mask – For some relief to our sleep-deprived, puffy eyes.

Purdy’s Chocolate Survival Kit – For the much-needed sugary, delicious rush.

You’ve Got This Mug from Indigo – For some all-day inspo to keep us going.

Maddon and Co limited-edition postcard art print – For some personal love and inspiration to fuel our spirits.

Now, here’s the part that will thrill you the most. The retail hub is giving away this kit containing $150 worth of products for a mere $50. Nope, not kidding!

So, if you’re feeling low and blue, we suggest you head straight to CrossIron Mills and grab your kit from Guest Services.


Where: CrossIron Mills, Guest Services
When: Available now, while quantities last.
Cost: $50.00
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