If your eyes have been on the sky the last few nights, you may have seen something a bit different.

All across the Pacific Northwest, people have seen something that looks like a meteor breaking in the atmosphere. But, it is actually the Falcon 9 rocket booster from SpaceX re-entering the atmosphere. The reason we’re only hearing about it now is that, well, it wasn’t the most “planned” event.

Regardless of why this booster burnt up in such spectacular fashion, it certainly made for an entertaining sky display.

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This has given us some pretty crazy videos of the night sky streaked with light and debris. Some have said it looks like meteors, or maybe an alien invasion. But, luckily we’re in not an Independence Day sort of scenario. Just a chance to see some really cool, once-in-a-lifetime-type stuff in the sky.

The debris was seen mostly along its predicted path, which cuts through Washington State and Oregon, but a Redditor caught a picture of it from UBC.

There have been other accounts of it being seen in the Vancouver area and all the pictures and videos are truly insane.