Contemporary Calgary, you’ve done it again- made us proud that is!

For years now, the gallery has been serving as a platform for Canadian artists to showcase their work while giving YYC a healthy and refreshing dose of contemporary art. And it’s at it yet again, this time with three different exhibitions by three extraordinary women- u.n.i.t.y. by Simone Elizabeth Saunders, Art Lover by Corri-Lynn Tetz and The Pergola by Maya Beaudry.

simone saunders
From left to right; Simone Elizabeth Saunders, Cosmos: Creation, Rise Up: Encompass the Galaxy, Unwavering Grace: Legacy of the Stars, 2021. Photography by Jesse Tamayo, courtesy of Contemporary Calgary.

Saunders’ exhibition brings out the strength and fearlessness of Black women in a bold and colourful way. Her tufted fabric portraits bring together several elements of Black history and her own Jamaican heritage. And truth be told, you don’t really have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate the vibrant beauty that is Simone’s work.

contemporary calgary
Corri-Lynn Tetz, Sleeper, 2021.Photography by Jesse Tamayo, courtesy of Contemporary Calgary and Norberg Hall.

Standing in contrast to Saunders’ bright and colour-rich (literally and figuratively) women are Corri-Lynn’s women painted in blues and greys. With her Art Lover collection, Tetz did what she’s best known for− depict the feminine form in all its erotic glory and a touch of melancholy.

Maya Beaudry, The Pergola, 2021. Photography by Jesse Tamayo, courtesy of Contemporary Calgary.

Maya Beaudry’s installation art, meanwhile, is a combination of sculpture and imagery presented in the form of fabric printed with photographs. The 4-pillared structure that appears to be simple at first glance becomes more and more enigmatic as you take in the fabric detailing.

Trust us when we say, the images do little to no justice to these powerful and inspiring exhibitions. Fortunately from now until the end of the month, you can experience these exhibitions in person. And to experience much more modern and contemporary art throughout the year, be sure to pick up one of their $20 annual memberships during your visit.

So before you hit the gallery, we suggest you check out their website for more deets on the exhibitions, timing, etc. And when you’re thoroughly impressed by their exhibitions, don’t forget to give them some love on the ‘gram.