In the words of Bill Nye… Science really does rule. In a press release sent out this morning, the Alberta-based SYNTAC Institute announced that Health Canada has approved the use of psychedelics when aiding the mental health of patients receiving palliative care.

Not only will this relieve those dealing with something unfathomable like Calgarian Anthony White, – who will actually be the very first to undergo psilocybin-assisted treatment in Alberta; this could also act as a stepping stone for other therapists seeking approval for hallucinogen-involved sessions.

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According to several ongoing studies, other currently illegal psychedelics, such as LSD, show promise in rebuilding a mind disrupted by PTSD, anxiety or depression when used in a controlled environment under the care of a medical professional.

If we’ve learned anything during the COVID pandemic, it’s this: For those who are fighting the internal fight – having several SAFE alternatives is absolutely essential.

“We are not only incredibly thrilled for Mr. White gaining immediate access to this powerful therapeutic tool, but also for every Canadian who is suffering with mental and emotional health challenges,” said David Harder, Executive Director of SYNTAC Institute in Calgary.

“This is another step forward in the battle against our country’s mental health crisis,” he added.

As we said earlier, this is huge and we’re thrilled that, if successful, more patients will get access to options like this when receiving care. Here’s to more studies, more power and more treatment options for people who need it!