If you’re thinking of treating yourself to takeout this weekend, then you should know that Chinatown Dining Week has returned for 2021! This much-loved event has shifted gears this year, with takeout options galore. Let’s check it out!

There are 11 different restaurants participating this year, representing a variety of cuisines. Stick with hot pot or a dish from Kim Fat Market. Or, opt for Vietnamese, Indian, Thai… the list goes on. And boy, are we glad that it does.

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And, you’ve got the option between larger meals ($18) or more lunch-appropriate options ($10). The sweet and savoury bun deal from Hong Kong Bakery sounds delicious. And, we’re already massive fans of Padmanadi. Really, it’s more a matter of deciding what to get then figuring out if you’ll get everything.

Lucky for us, this delicious event is running until January 24th. Keep it in mind next time you’re craving takeout, folks!

Chinatown Dining Week

When: On until January 24th
Where: Restaurants around Chinatown
Cost: $10-$18 per meal