We don’t know about you, but it’s our opinion that if there’s one thing the holidays get right, it’s the free pass on delicious food all season long.

Weekend dinner? Let’s go all out! Mid-day treat? Why not? ‘Tis the season!

When you put it into context, all those New Year’s resolutions start to make sense… but now is not the time for that! So, prepare your leggings and stretchy pants, and Have a Break with Chatime’s new KitKat® drinks. 

Yes, you read that right. 

Chatime is the largest teahouse franchise in the world and Canada’s favourite bubble tea brand, with over 100 stores across Ontario and BC. You might already have a favourite (ahem, brown sugar milk tea, thank you), but you’re going to want to step out of your routine for these two new flavours. 

Chatime KitKat
Photos via Chatime

Roasted Milk Tea Crunch made with KitKat® and Pudding

Chatime roasted milk tea is one of Chatime’s most popular drinks, and now you can get it with real KitKat® spread and sweet egg pudding.

Thai Milk Tea Crunch made with KitKat®

This flavour takes Chatime’s authentic Thai milk tea and tops it with KitKat®’s creamy milk chocolate and wafer spread.

Just like many other drinks on Chatime’s menu, these two new KitKat® flavours can be ordered hot or cold, as well as customized to your preferred ice and sugar level. You can also sub out the regular milk for oat milk if that’s your thing.

As if that weren’t enough, any orders of these two new holiday drinks come with a free KitKat® double chocolate bar (while supplies last). 

Order in-store or online via all major food delivery platforms. These new flavours are only available for a limited time, so try them quickly before they’re gone!

Long day? Time for a treat!


When: Thursday, November 9 – Sunday, December 31

Where: Participating Chatime locations in Ontario and BC