On Halloween of 1991, one of Seattle’s most iconic concerts happened at The Paramount Theatre. The band playing was Nirvana, tickets were $10 and only 2,800 people got to attend. It was the first leg of their “Nevermind” tour and if you weren’t one of the lucky few to attend, you’ll actually be able to watch it again this month.

Sadly Kurt hasn’t risen but “Nirvana – Live at the Paramount” will play at the Paramount on December 12th. It’s the first time the recording has been played to an audience at the place where it was originally filmed. So if you want to be a part of the 2.0 history of this concert, you might as well purchase some tickets.

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Beyond watching the recording of the performance you’ll also get to watch and hear opening bands THEM and the Black Tones instead of Mudhoney and Bikini Kill. And The Black Tones set will be mixed by Craig Montgomery, Nirvana’s sound engineer who did the audio at the Paramount concert 30 years ago. So it’ll be the perfect blend of old and new to honor this iconic concert.

To make things even better, the screening benefits YouthCare, which is a nonprofit that works to end youth homelessness. For the time being, tickets are still available but we recommend purchasing them ASAP. You can learn more by clicking below.

Nirvana – Live at the Paramount 30th Anniversary Screening

When: December 12th
Where: 911 Pine Street
Cost: $20.75 – $30.75