Did you know that within this park in Quebec, there is a scenic rushing waterfall that cascades past a piece of the province’s history? Carbide Willson Ruins is one of Quebec’s best outdoor experiences that you need to explore at least once in this lifetime. Here’s what to know about it.

About a half-hour drive north of Ottawa, into Quebec is Carbide Wilson Ruins, located within Gatineau Park.

According to the National Capital Commission, the ruins can be found within the forest, on the shore of Meech Lake. It’s a very popular spot for photographers and happens to have a unique history.

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These ruins are actually the last traces of a fertilizer plant constructed by inventor Thomas Leopold Willson. “The complex originally included three buildings: an acid condensation tower, a dam and a generating station. Unfortunately, the ruins were never preserved,” shared the NCC via its official site.

“The tower was destroyed by fire and, today, only its foundation remains. The dam and plant, its gaping windows still visible, stand near the cascading falls as a reminder of a rich and innovative company — and a glimpse of our scientific history.”

In the summer, you can access these ruins on foot or bike. All you have to do is take Trail 36 from parking lot P11 – it’s a 3.25 km round trip.

And in an effort to preserve the Park’s heritage landscapes, make sure you leave the area as you found it, don’t climb on the ruins, swimming is prohibited, and if you bring your pup, leash them up.


As for fees, there is a paid parking lot at O’Brien Beach (P11), on Chemin du Lac-Meech in Chelsea. Pricing depends on the time of the year.

Now head out and explore! There are only a few more weeks left of summer so let’s make it count.

Carbide Willson Ruins

Where: 639 Chem. du Lac Meech, Chelsea, QC