Look up, Toronto! The Canadian International Air Show (CIAS) is returning for another epic display above the city this Labour Day weekend.

Known as Canada’s largest and longest-running air show, the CIAS is a celebration of our beloved Canadian Forces Snow Birds.

The event is described as a “jam-packed air display showcasing modern military jets, vintage warbirds, [and] thrilling aerobatics” featuring a lineup of performers.

Many of them are from active serving units in the Royal Canadian Air Force and the United States Air Force.

As is the case every year, the action will be visible within some areas of the CNE, so if you plan to hit up the fair during its closing weekend, you will likely catch glimpses of the Air Show overhead.

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There are also viewing areas across Lakeshore Boulevard. However, you’ll only get to see the maneuvers from the side.

The best view is always within The Exclusive Air Show Zone which is located directly in front of center stage.

Here, you’ll get a front-row view of every turn, roar, and cross-over, accompanied by live airshow announcements and a performer sound system.

In the event of inclement weather, some shows might be modified to a flat show or low show, or postponed altogether.

This world-class event is one of many things the city can look forward to during the CNE.

The annual fair has new attractions and performances this year, including a Las Vegas-style fountain show and North America’s tallest travelling Ferris wheel.

Live music and entertainment will be performed across seven stages, and of course, the fair is filled with rides, games, and carnival eats galore!

You can get tickets to the Exclusive Air Show Zone experience right here. Enjoy the show!

The Canadian International Air Show

When: September 2nd to 4th, 2023
Where: See location map here