The last year has been a difficult one, but if it weren’t for the animals in our lives, it may have been even harder. As a thank you, many of us have been loading our pups up with treats, buying them toys and taking them on more walks than their little legs can handle, but that’s not enough! We should be doing even more and we can start by taking notes from 10-year-old Jeremiah Carter, a Canadian boy who has been building stick libraries for local dogs who are out and about with their parents.

In what might be the most heartwarming story ever, little Jeremiah and his dad began building take-one-leave one boxes in honour of their playful pooch Nahla, who is described on their Facebook page as being a sweet mid-sized doodle with a big personality.

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The Avalon branch of our stick library opened today. No late fees!

Posted by Doodles of Saskatoon on Sunday, January 17, 2021

In hopes of giving back to the community and to pets like Nahla, they’ve begun leaving these innovative boxes all over Saskatoon parks and it’s no surprise, but people freaking love them.

New sticks arrive every week and won’t run you any late fees, all that they ask is that if you see a perfect throwing stick, you leave it in the box for others to enjoy.

We honestly can’t think of a cuter way to keep tails wagging and have our fingers crossed that ‘stick libraries’ catch on in other provinces.

Great job, kidlet. You may never see this, but what you’re doing is incredible.