Well, online shoppers, Canada is going to have to wait its turn to pull the trigger on the biggest Amazon sale day of the year. Amazon Prime Day, which has become a sort of unofficial holiday for online shoppers around the world, has been postponed in Canada due to the pandemic. Looks like our wishlist will have to wait.

According to BNN Bloomberg, Amazon sent out an email to Canadian sellers this week stating that “Based on the increasing impact of COVID-19 in Canada, and the importance we place on protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers, we will pause plans for Prime Day 2021 in Canada.”

Prime Day in the states will go ahead as planned, and is expected to happen sometime in June.

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Amazon Prime Day, which is a day (and a bit) of massive deals for Amazon Prime members, is typically a huge event for the company. In previous years, Prime Day has made Amazon major bucks. In 2019, Amazon broke Canadian sales records with 175 million items sold. Now that’s wild!

But, considering Amazon won’t be hurting one bit by postponing this day, consider dropping some of that wishlist money on local businesses! You can support a nearby restaurant, local clothing store, or gift shop, or just take a look at Canada’s own Not-Amazon.co for locally-made products across the country!

It’s not clear when Amazon will be setting the 2021 Amazon Prime Day in Canada, so our advice is to keep your ear to the ground and watch the skies. Just kidding, we’ll keep you updated!