November is officially upon us and some cities from coast to coast have already gotten a taste of the upcoming winter season. Luckily, in the Great North things can change in an instant – but will they?

For those on the edge of their seats, The Weather Network has just dropped their Canada forecast for the upcoming month and here’s what you can expect for your region.

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British Columbia

October has come and gone, but for most on the West Coast comfortable temperatures will remain throughout the month.

According to the publication, most of the province will experience above-normal conditions in BC and the Yukon – though a ‘wet pattern’ is likely in the south.

Of course, it’s important to remember that when they say ‘normal’ they mean normal for the season – so expect temperatures to drop across the board slightly as we head into fall’s end.



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Oh, Alberta. Most of the province has already gotten their first snowfall of the season, but what’s just around the bend?

If you’re among those who can’t stand the cold, perk up, because milder-than-normal temperatures could blow from BC into the Prairies.

This will happen slowly and while it will still be colder than October, it’s not going to be as gloomy as some may have anticipated.


Eastern parts of the province were lucky enough to experience warmer-than-normal temperatures throughout October but this will continue to change over the next few weeks.

“Colder-than-normal temperatures will continue to dominate across Central and Eastern Canada through the first week of November, though southern Ontario and southern Quebec will recover to near-seasonal for a few days,” they write.

“A couple of reinforcing shots of chilly weather are expected to keep most of Eastern Canada (from Ontario to Newfoundland and Labrador) on the cold side of seasonal.”

On the bright side, the mild weather from the West will blow through the Prairies and into Ontario come the second half of November.


Similar to Ontario, Quebec will experience chillier temperatures until the second half of November, when everything starts to level out.

“During the second half of November, we expect milder weather to spread east from the Prairies into Ontario and Quebec,” they explain.

Again, when it comes to ‘normal,’ they mean for the season, so don’t expect tropical temperatures. This is Canada after all, and the weather forecast is typically a mixed bag and could change.

Stay cozy, enjoy and be kind! For some, it’s going to be an interesting season!